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Practice Test for ISTQB exam. Simple quiz.

I don’t claim ownership of this practice exam. Is simply for practice.

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The Foundation Level PRACTICE EXAM Syllabus Version 2010 – Practice Exam Version 2011 is owned by ISTQB National and International Board. I have shared here simply to help others like me with intention to go for the certification. For knowledge purposes only and free of charge.

This is a version 2011.

ISTQB – Cetified Tester Foundation Level

Copyrighted by International Software Testing Qualifications Board


This is a Sample Exam. The objective is helping the candidates in their preparation for the real examination. It provides a set of questions whose format is similar to the full ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level REAL exam. It is strictly forbidden to use these exam question in a LIVE EXAM.

1) Any individual or training company may use this Practice Exam in a training course if ISTQB is acknowledged as the source and copyright owner of the Practice Exam.

2) Any individual or group of individuals may use this Practice Exam as the basis for articles, books, or other derivative writings if ISTQB is acknowledged as the source and copyright owner of the practice exam.

3) Any ISTQB-recognised National Board may translate this Practice Exam and make it publicly available is ISTQB is acknowledged as the source and copyright owner of the practice exam.

How Long does it takes?

40 multiple-choice questions. a scoring of 1 point for each correct answer. a pass mark of 65% (26 or more points) a duration of 60 minutes (or  on the day of the official exams, 75 minutes for candidates taking exams that are not in their native or local language).

More details can be found here.

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