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Hire me for all your testing needs

Hire Me For All Your Software Testing Needs

www.rogeriodasilva.com is always available for software testing through my services company myexpert.solutions

What Service Do You Offer?

We provide web-based, apps and local application software development tests based on major languages such as Java, C#, JavaScript, HTLM and many others.

Specialist in:

Testing Strategy
Rescue Mission
Test Script
Testing Documentation
Regression Tests Automation
Testing Microsoft Dynamics 365

How Can We Help?

  • We can work on applying the best practices accordingly with ISTQB standards.
  • We can help you prepare the test framework from scratch.
  • We can jump in and execute tests for an already ongoing project.
  • We can help you improve the existing project. We like problems to work on and help to solve them.
  • We can help with process improvement.
  • We can help with the development documentation.
  • We can help with the team training and knowledge transfer material for future in-house employees.

What Experience Do You Have With Development Projects?

  • Good understanding of functional, both manual and automation tests, for regression tests on cross-browser/device and post, live sanity check tests using selenium our own framework technique but also open to working with yours for change requests and new features.
  • With a background in both private and public sectors, in logistics, automotive, telecoms and natural resources.
  • Good understanding of CRM, WebApps, e-Commerce.
  • Good understanding of applied methodologies as in an Agile/Scrum, waterfall and a mix/hybrid of both.
  • Good understanding of business processes has had experience in CRM and ERP systems – testing, workflows, documentation (knowledge base, transfer, training) and support.
  • Expert in customer care/communication, problem-solving, relationship building, influencer, user training and support.

Some Keywords Related Expertise

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Looking for Scalable Services? InShore, OffShore or Hybrid
Interested? Ask me how we can help.

Whether is locally or in the cloud we can test it for you.
You can hire me for small remotely freelance tasks (1 day to Week – Depending on availability) to more complex medium/long-term projects (3-12 months).

How Much Do You Charge?

Work is based on the daily rate per tester. The exact rate depends on contract duration and type of test expectations.

Let’s book a discovery call (free of charge) and we take it from there.

What is The Minimum Contract Duration?

It can be one day task (depending on availability) but ideally to an average of 3-12 months.

What Technologies Do You Use?

For the bug reports, we don’t provide the system, we expect the project to provide us with access to tools such as ADO (Azure DevOps), Jira, Zephyr, QAComplete, HP or any other necessary tool to raise issues (bugs) and to reports the progress of the testing efforts. Or any other arrangement we can discuss when arranging a contract.

Most of the work can be done remotely, in that case, we can use VPN’s, VOIP, CHAT and screen sharing to facilitate the communication between members.

For works in person, we fit in with the team processes and tools.

Alternatively, we can use an Excel spreadsheet as well.

Do You Do Fixed Term Contract?

Unfortunately no. Only daily rate type of projects.

What’s Next?

If you have an interest in hiring me or my team for any software testing work, remotely or a more exclusive in-person project within the UK or Europe, get in touch.

The best way is to get in touch by email. We’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.


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