Being Successful – A Certain Way to Think and Act

Being Successful – A Certain Way to Think and Act

Being Successful Is a Way of ​Being

If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail. It’s as simple as that. As much as this sounds like another cliche, it’s absolutely the truth! You cannot expect a successful outcome if you take an ad hoc approach to building your digital business.

Living by “trial and error” is how we learn to walk, ride a bike and speak new languages. A huge part of learning is being willing to make and learn from mistakes. You have to maintain a delicate balance in learning on your own and trusting your guides, mentors, and their instructions. Certain things can only be learned through personal experience.

In the following blueprint that we have developed for you, you can establish your plan, commit to it and stick to it. You must find the confidence and courage to execute your plan consistently. Your emotions are not always a reliable indicator of your progress ­your blueprint is. You don’t have to see the entire path, just the next step.

Those who accelerate through the process understand the value of the collective experience of their mentors and trust them. They are coachable and willing to follow directions. There is trust in the process and their mentors, which allows them to move forward with confidence. In doing so, they can leverage their mentor’s experience and will enable them to guides vs. having to learn everything through trial­ and­ error.

Be, Do, Have.

I am the happiest, most productive, and the most successful, when I recognise a common theme in my life, a way of “thinking” and “doing” that is in line with my core essence. I’ve  identified that this stems from the three simple principles I live by; implement them into your life and I promise you’ll wake up to a whole new world of possibilities. – Jay

If you follow these three principles consistently, it is impossible for your life not to change.

What we’re talking about is the Be­Do­Have paradigm – three simple steps completed in order. It sounds simple, but unfortunately, it’s easier said then done. Here’s how it works:

The majority of people in this world think that when they have what they desire, (time, money, resources, etc) then, they will be able to do the things they want and be happy. When you live your life in an “if, then when,” paradigm, you will be powerless to change your life. You must first become one with yourself on the inside in order to manifest the results you want to appear in your life.

How to “be” successful, before you actually are.

Complete each of these trainings/steps in order. Upon completion of each of these steps you will have reprogrammed your identity significantly – not completely, but enough to know that you are on the right path. Your baseline relationships with time and money will begin to shift almost immediately as a result of the new way that you are beginning to think and act.

How thoughts become things.

Every successful entrepreneur understands that success starts on the inside. It is as much about the inner game as the outer.

Let’s carefully consider and contemplate the following facts:

FACT: You will never outperform your self­-image

FACT: Your income is a by­product of your value to society

FACT: Your financial thermostat determines the baseline of your income

FACT: What you focus on multiplies

FACT: Thoughts become things

FACT: You were meant for greatness

FACT: You already have enough life experience, gifts, talents, and abilities required to achieve anything you can conceive ​if​you learn how to “think” and “act” a certain way.

Commit yourself to inner growth. Uncomfortable as it may be, spend a minimum of 30–45 minutes a day working with the resources below. Take your time; this is not a race.

Action Steps

1 – Watch ​The Secret

Start by watching this movie

Although I am not 100% sold on all of the concepts introduced, the core principles are incredibly powerful and easy to understand. My most successful students all swear (not literally,) by this movie and for a lot of people it’s the beginning of a much bigger stage of growth and awareness. – Jay

ACTION >​ WATCH: (Even if you’ve already seen this movie, please watch it again.)

2 – Read ​The Science of Getting Rich

Assuming the previous statements are true, then the only thing standing between you and your digital life is your ability to think and act a “certain way”.

Building your digital life on top of the old foundation won’t work. You’ve likely heard the shocking statistics that up to 90% of first time entrepreneurs fail – this is why.

The Science of Getting Rich will help you become (“BE”) the person who already gets the results you want.

ACTION > ​READ: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles [Free ebook]

ACTION > ​LISTEN: Get the audio­book version and listen to it in it’s entirety at least three times in your first month.

3 – Subscribe to the ​#WAKEUP​podcast (iTunes)

Raw, irreverent, and unfiltered. These are wake up calls you’re not going to want to miss!

ACTION > ​LISTEN: Your Financial Destiny – A #WAKEUP podcast

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