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Practice Quiz – ISTQB – Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Testing – Practice Test

Practice Quiz – ISTQB – Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Testing – Practice Test

ISTQB Chapter 1 Quiz

There’s no time limit on this practice exam, so take as long as you wish. It’s only 20 questions.

Is great to get you in the mindset of the actual exam.

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ISTQB – Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Testing – Practice Test

This is a set of question so you can practice to help with your ISTQB exam. This is for the chapter one only, will add more soon.

It covers Software Testing foundation – Fundamentals of testing

Software Testing Foundation – ISTQB-ISEB Topics

1. Fundamentals of Testing

Why is Testing Necessary? Human -> Error (mistake) -> Defect (fault, bug) which when executed may cause -> Failure
Measures the quality of the software
Gives confidence in the quality
Reduces the overall level of risk
How much testing? Depends on risk, safety & project constraints
Testing Objectives Finding Defects
Providing information for decision-making
Preventing defects
Gaining confidence about the level of quality
Seven Testing Principles Testing shows presence of defects
Exhaustive testing is impossible
Early testing
Defect clustering
Pesticide paradox
Testing is context dependent
Absence-of-error fallacy
Fundamental Test Process Planning & Control
Analysis & Design
Implementation & Execution
Evaluating Exit Criteria & Reporting
Test Closure
The Psychology of Testing Mindset of Developer & Tester
Communication in a constructive manner
Test Independence
Code of Ethics Code is necessary, among other reasons, to ensure information accessed by testers are not put to inappropriate use.


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  1. deepsishere

    Which of the following statements is true?

    a) Testing can show failures that are caused by defects
    b) Developers use debugging instead of testing
    c) Regression testing checks that the defect has been fixed
    d) Negative testing is not to be recommended

    for the following question, your answer is A. I feel that B can be considered a correct answer too

    • Hi @deepsisphere,

      I see your point and kind of agree with you. However, The focus here is on testing instead of dev, the answer is throwing just to trick the test.

      Usually, on the questions in ISTQB, one answer is absurdly wrong, one is wrong but not so obvious and the last two potential answers are to mix your feelings and trick your answer.

      I found that there are others that I challenge the answer in real life, but since this is so we can tick the box of passing the exam and gain the certification, I just make sure get the right answer and move on.

      Good spot and thanks for commenting.

    • Answer: C
      Regression test, If the code is changed tester need to test the application are working fine
      a) Yes, testing shows the bug but we rectify before caused failures
      b) Instead mean alternative, Developer just debugged teh application

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