IEEE-829-1998 – Standard for software Test Documentation

Key elements of IEEE-829-1998 – Standard for Software Test Documentation.

Provides an overview of the IEEE 829-1998 Standard for Software Test Documentation.

Ideal for Junior Testers who intend to take the ISTQB-ISEB exam.

IEEE 829-1998 Mind Map

IEEE 829-1998 Mind Map

IEEE 829-1998 Mind Map

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IEEE 829-1998 – Standard for Software Test Documentation

1. Test Plan

  • Test Plan Identifier.
  • Introduction.
  • Test Items.
  • Features to be Tested.
  • Test Approach.
  • Items Pass / Fail Criteria.
  • Suspension Criteria & Resumption Requirements.
  • Test Deliverables.
  • Testing Tasks.
  • Environmental Needs.
  • Responsibilities.
  • Staffing & Training Needs.
  • Schedule.
  • Risk & Contingencies.
  • Approvals.

2. Test Design specification

  • Test Conditions (Coverage Items).
  • Detailed Approach.
  • High-Level Test Cases.

3. Test Incident Report

  • Report ID.
  • Summary.
  • Description.
  • Impact.

4. Test Summary Report

  • Summary.
  • Variances.
  • Comprehensiveness Assessment.
  • Summary of Results.
  • Evaluation.
  • Summary of Activities.

5. Test Procedure / Script specification

  • Purpose.
  • Special Requirements.
  • Procedure / Script Steps.

6. Test Case Specification

  • Objectives.
  • Preconditions.
  • Input Specification.
  • Output Specification.
  • Post-conditions.
  • Inter-case Dependencies.

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