What To Blog About

What To Blog About

So you want to blog.  You have set up your awesome website/blog, you have a cool format, and everything you need to connect via social media.  One problem.  What do you blog about?  Oddly enough, this is a common question.  With so much to talk about out there, finding what interests you can take some time to pin down.  With that in mind, lets review some popular approaches other successful bloggers have taken in the past.

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Identify Your Target Audience and Their Related Interests

Imagine your ideal customer/reader and start with their interest in your product.  From there, take a moment draw this out.  Around your ideal person, write out their other related interests.  If you can name 3 or 4 at least, then you have more then enough subjects to blog about.  Take these interests and relate them to your main topic.  Make your information varied, unique, and people will flock to read it, share it with their friends, and expand your brand for free.

You Are Writing A Narrative

When writing your blog posts, make them a story.  Begin with a basic idea that slowly becomes more apparent.  State the point, and then create a narrative where you hold the reader’s hand and walk them through your various points.  End with a climax that brings everything together maybe even add a response to get more interest.  The subject of your narrative can be anything.  I once read a printer repair manual blog post and I was so captivated by how it was written that I nearly bought a printer.  If you are not sure how to approach this, then consider it inspirational.  Add a message that extends beyond your product while also being made possible because of your product.

If Nothing Else, Go With Educational

Educational blog posts are the heart of unique content that Google SEO loves so much.  Take your topic, take your brand, take what you are passionate about, and research it a little.  See what other products or services are similar, look at where the market is going, and write about your predictions.  Try your best to provide your readers with information they can’t get anywhere else.  Do this and you are well on your way to being considered a primary source of information on your subject.  With enough time, you can become the leading source of information on it.

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