What Makes Us Humans

What Makes Us Humans

Watching documentaries, good documentaries that bring us knowledge and understand of what we are and what we do is something that fascinates me.

The thing that I’m most curious is the fact that our world is so big, vast and different in every aspect, even next door, you neighbour is different from you, everyone seem to live in your own world that somehow makes push us away from one to another instead of making more interesting to see, to learn to experience and appreciate the different levels of being.

I like to go, see, experience, people, life, nature, food, places, explore all that we can explore in terms of see and feel.

This is our aim, to be able to be free as much as we can, being simple able to go anywhere at any time or whenever we feel like.

This morning I came across a tiny link at the bottom of Google main page, and it says exactly like this:

“HUMAN, a new film about every single one of us, watch here.”

I thought, waw! Humans, is about me, you and everyone else, let’s watch.

For some maybe is not the ideal documentary, but to me I see as how we all, everywhere in the world have a story to tell.

Well, just watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

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