What About Half Email?

What About Half Email?

When it comes to test emails some people may ask. Do we have to test emails we send out?

Strangely enough, yes! We must test emails as well.

It maybe ok if you are just saying hello to a friend or share a newsletter or a “spam” to a friend, but if you are providing vital information to your customers a half email can mean risk.

“The risk” is a big word in testing. A risk of something goes wrong can lead to loss of reputation, loss of revenue and bad publicity.

There are tools out there you could use to test emails, I personally have used Litmus and I love how structured and the level of coverage the tests can be done under the same tool.

As my nature of testing is greater than my temptation to be quite in this case I have StumbleUpon this email from Interactive Investors and the user experience is half good. (I like to think of glass half full).

Another one spotted and reported.

Here’s the sample:

interactive investor half email error


Reported via contact us page. No response yet.


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