Web UI For UAT Chrome Extensions For Testers (Updated)

Web UI For UAT Chrome Extensions For Testers (Updated)

Useful extensions from Google Chrome browser developer tools that can help you with your everyday UI tests also with your UAT tests and any other phase of testing that you may require to using those functionalities for your everyday software testing job.

No doubt Google Chrome is the most used browser used out there and with this in mind, having tools and features to aid testers and make our lives a little bit easier, the fact that there are hundreds of extensions out there to help us is a bonus.

I respect Firefox browser and it’s extensions as they are pioneers in this field, and I respect my fellow colleague who brought me to the Software Testing world T.P. who simply loves Firefox and won’t let it go for nothing, but the fact is that there are a higher percentage of people using more and more Google Chrome and leaving Firefox. I don’t think Firefox will cease to operate, it has it’s public. I’ll compile a list of Firefox extensions too so we keep it equal.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of some of the useful extensions that I find useful when it comes to testing Web UI for my clients.

I would like to add more to this list, so if you know any other good extension that worth mention, please do tell me by dropping me a comment.

#1 Color Picker – ColorZilla

This extension is one of the most popular extension for Firefox and now has its version on Chrome. It helps you to find the exact color of a selected area on web pages, where you can then copy and paste the color code anywhere you want.

Colorzilla chrome extension


#2 Grammar-Checking + Proof-Reading – Grammarly

Excellent extension for proof-reading texts while you write or test a page. It checks for spelling and grammatical errors.   Ideal for testers and content writers.

grammarly-spell-checker chrome extension


#3 IE Browser Emulator – IE Tab

An excellent IE emulator inside chrome. You want to emulate IE to test web applications and don’t want to leave chrome, I get that, me neither. So this extension is a great helper to test pages in IE. The only negative is that it only works on Windows. When I’m on my clients site and using their gear I use this extension since the majority uses Windows but when I’m on my MAC I can’t use. But still, a great tool to have in your box.

IE Chome Emulator


#4 Pixel Perfect As Per Design – PerfectPixel

If you are one of those testers who are just too perfect to get the work done and eager to get the best design as per requirements and can’t just miss a half pixel misplaced. This plugin is for you. Check this out and see how it works.


#5 Measure Objects on Page – Screen Ruler

While you are carrying out Web UI tests, this chrome extension can help you measure objects height and width. With the help of this ruler, it can help you log defects that in a naked eye you wouldn’t find, at least for a perfectionist testers like us.

Screen Ruler chrome extension

#6 Check Spellings – Spell Checker

Another spelling checker extension, is simpler than Grammarly as it doesn’t check for grammar, it only checks for wrong spelling words, but the multi-language support is great if you are testing multinational web applications.

Spell Checker Chrome extension


#7 Font Family and Font Size – WhatFont

I always used “Inspect” function to look up for a particular font. But is time-consuming trying to find which font family and which font size of a particular text, while testing Web UI, in particular at the UAT and regression tests, if important to check the fonts and this extension has helped and continue to help immensely with those details.

font family and font size identifier chrome extension

#8 Exploratory Testing – Bug Magnet (NEW!)

I have not done a deep test on this plugin yet, just a quick look, it was suggested by a contact from LinkedIn, so I’m adding to the list. The first impression is good. Plugin promising help with the edge cases for exploratory tests and the fact that is open source so we can twinkle is great. I’d give it a go.

bug Magnet edge cases for exploratory tests


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