Volunteer Web Developers (and aspiring changemakers) Wanted!

Here’s another position that you maybe interested in to know more. Take a look and apply.

Be The Change Project
Location: London ENG GB

*Would you like an opportunity to apply and develop further your web skills, talents and passions in real meaningful projects that make an impact in society?
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Course-specific creative- The Complete Java Developer Course Course-specific creative-JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts Course-specific creative-Data Science A-Z: Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included

Rogerio da Silva

Rogerio da Silva is a Brazilian who lives in the UK for a little over two decades. He is the owner of a test consulting and outsources services for software development. He likes to blog, write and create content that teaches others how to live a better life. Rogerio has two princesses and one powerful wife that help him with his work. He loves reading biographies of successful authors and dream builders because they inspire him to keep creating!

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