Viral – “What colour is this dress?”

Viral – “What colour is this dress?”

Things that goes viral these days is something that un-explicable. The things that aren’t expected goes viral. Such as “What colour is this dress?”.

Is not the fact of the image it self, but what discussions it cause over the Internet, some people say there are more important issues to worry about but what does really make people go crazy about things like this?

The fact that one have an opinion of one colour and another have a variation and someone else sees completely diferent, I don’t know, but myself and all the other I spoke with see this dress as white and gold, nothing else.

But of course, since is a viral, now there’s thousands of mime’s just making a lough about all this.

Here’s the original image who has raised millions of hits around the world so far.

21-year-old Scot, Caitlin McNeill, posted a photo of a dress on Tumblr after arguing with her friends over whether it was white and gold or black and blue.

Here how the debate is all about how some people are saying how they can see the dress.

@roger_uk #rogeriodasilva

Which colour do you see?

[notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]Here are some other variations you may find on Twitter since yesterday when it went viral.[/notification]

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