Training With Placement After Completion Of The Course

Training With Placement After Completion Of The Course

I wanted to share a question and answer from a contact in LinkedIn.

Training With Placement After Completion Of The Course

Question: I would be grateful if you could suggest any good and trustworthy academies in London where I could learn testing. I would also like them to help me with placements after the course. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: You mean training just to pass on ISTQB exam? If so, I would suggest not spending that money on it, instead, get the ISTQB book on Amazon –, get a training course in Udemy, do a lot of mock tests online, and book the exam on BCS website

You will spend a lot less than one of those 3-5 days courses as they rush the time and you may don’t get the most of it. It can cost around £2000 Believe, this is based on my own experience.

Here is a filter of Junior Testers today in the UK, take a look as some of them don’t require that you have ISTQB, it is an advantage to have it of course, but you can take it while acting and learning on daily basis, this is how I did it by the way.

Take a look at the job description and familiarise with what they ask, but don’t worry too much in have everything, pay attention to the section that says, ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to have’ in terms of skills.

You don’t have to have everything, you can build up as you go along and as Junior, there’s already an expectation that you will learn as you go along. I’m in fact finishing a training which I’m planning to publish in Udemy soon.

Focusing on help people passing the exam. Also another two training more of as in the everyday life of a tester, to give a sense of what testers do on daily basis. Practical stuff with templates and going throughout the day as a tester.

Take a look on those and think about it.

Good luck and let me know how you are getting on.

All the best and success in your new journey.

Plan, pursue and act!

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