Top Affiliate Networks

Top Affiliate Networks

An Affiliate network is very beneficial to marketers because the network will handle all transactions, payment processing, refunds, technical support and allows merchants to expose their products in an organised manner. Affiliate networks like, Commission, or are among the largest affiliate networks avaialble, however there are also others that shouldn’t be overlooked when looking for products to sell.

As an affiliate, signing up to an affiliate network will make things very easy for you will not need to manage multiple usernames and passwords for each product you promote. You can simply use the linking structure provided to you by the network to link to any product website that you choose. Then, when a sale is made the affiliate network takes care of the payment processing and makes sure that you get paid your commissions.

Top Affiliate Networks

Commission Junction ( is the worlds largest Affiliate Network of products. They have both digital products, and tangible products offered in their vast marketplace. Companies like Ebay, Palm, The Home Depot,, HP, and Yahoo Search Marketing are among the advertisers on this network. The main drawback to using CJ as an affiliate network is that the linking structure is quite difficult and confusing to use. Many people do not use CJ simply because gathering links is not easy. With this being said, CJ provides products in almost every genre.

Clickbank is the most easy to use, and highly effective Affiliate networks available. All products are digital in nature and can be instantly delivered over the internet. Although Clickbank is very easy to use and we highly recommend using it, there is a low level of fraud protection provided. Although the refund rates of many products are very small, some people have taken advantage of the guarantee available for all CB products.

Linkshare is another huge network and is used just as much as Clickbank and CJ, and it offers great products such as Webhosting and Voice Over IP companies. There are digital products available on Linkshare, but most are service oriented. The system is quite easy to use, but like CJ, all advertisers must manually approve your application to promote their products. In Clickbank, anyone can promote products without having to be in contact with the merchant.

Regnow offers is a great affiliate network that handles all payment, click tracking, and analytics for thousands of online companies. You’ll find anything from ebooks, to virus software, to video and audio editing software. Regnow is highly recommended.

Shareasale also offers full service to both merchants and affiliates. With over 2000 merchant products to promote there will be something in every category. From clothing, to cosmetics and nutrition, Shareasale is worth adding to your list of places to find products to sell online.

Performics offers a solution for both merchants and affiliates. Affiliates have access to tools, sales tracking, and reporting all in real time. From Adidas, to Fossil and Target, performics is yet another recommended affiliate network.


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