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Tool Support For Testing – Chapter 6 – ISTQB Foundation

Tool Support For Testing – Chapter 6 – ISTQB Foundation

The last part of the series of short key elements for the ISTQB certification foundation level exam. Here is the final of a series of a summary in aim to help you to memorize the information that is very likely to be on the ISTQB exams.

Read, then practice the exam for the chapter 6 – Tool Support For Testing, link at the end of this summary, practice the quiz as much as you like or until you feel comfortable enough to go to the next chapter.

If you feel that you are ok to try the actual exam, there’s a quiz for that as well next to the chapter six.

More you read, more you understand, more you understand more you are ready to sit at the exam.

I have uploaded a mind map with a graphical visualization of the ISTQB Foundation Level topics, a kind of Cheat Cheat, you may find it useful too to help you with the exam.

Hope you like. Feel free to drop me a comment, or inform anything that I’ve missed here. Good luck.

Test tool

A software product that supports one or more test activities

Benefits of test tools

  • The amount of time and effort spent performing routine repetitive tasks is reduced
  • Predictable and consistent results
  • Data captured by test tools can provide better metrics and accurate test management info

Risks of test tools

  • Over optimism of the test tools abilities
  • Not enough initial time and effort put into the tool’s setup
  • Program or environment changes a lot of the lifetime such that inconsistencies and issues require constant attention

List of tools for management of testing and test

  • Test management tools
  • Incident management tools
  • Requirements management tools
  • Configuration management tools

List of tools for static testing

  • Review tools
  • Static analysis tools
  • Modelling tools

List of tools for test specification

  • Test design tools
  • Test data preparation tools

List of tools for test execution and logging

  • Test comparators
  • Test execution tools
  • Record and playback tools
  • Test harnesses
  • Coverage measurement tools
  • Security tools

List of tools for performance and monitoring

  • Dynamic analysis tools
  • Performance/stress testing tools
  • Monitoring tools
  • Data quality assessment tools
  • Usability test tools

Steps for introducing a tool into an organization

  • Analyze the problem/opportunity
  • Look at alternative solutions
  • Check the constraints and requirements of the tools
  • Perform an evaluation and create a shortlist
  • Detailed evaluation along with a proof of concept
  • Pilot project

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