Title All Uppercase – Lower Case Titles in WordPress

Title All Uppercase – Lower Case Titles in WordPress

You have a template in WordPress that generate Uppercase for all your post titles and you wish to change that so all the existing posts and new posts has just the normal Upper and lower case as you type in rather than a rule for them all as uppercase.

Is simple to change.

You need to have access to the admin level in WordPress.

  1. Login to the admin page

  2. Navigate to ‘Appearance‘ then click on ‘Editor’

  3. Have ‘Stylesheet (style.css)‘ selected

  4. Search using the key combination ‘Ctrl + F‘ key and search for ‘text-transform:uppercase;

  5. Exclude the line ‘text-transform:uppercase;‘ and save.


Search and exclude line – “text-transform:uppercase;”

Ready to go.

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