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ISTQB Chapter 4 Quiz

There’s no time limit on this practice exam, so take as long as you wish. It is only 23 questions.

Is great to get you in the mindset of the actual exam.

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Check this out  >>> Software Testing Foundation Cheat Sheet – ISTQB-ISEB

This is a set of questions so you can practice to help with your ISTQB exam.

It covers Software Testing foundation – Testing Design Techniques

Below is the summary of the topics in the questions.

  Software Testing Foundation – ISTQB-ISEB Topics

4. Test Design Techniques

Test Development ProcessTest Design Specification
Test Case Specification
Test Procedure Specification
 Specification-based or Black-box TechniquesEquivalence Partitioning
Boundary Value Analysis
Decision Tables
State Transition Diagrams/Tables
Use Case Testing
 Structure-based or White-box TechniquesStatement Testing & Coverage (weakest)
Decision Testing & Coverage (stronger than Statement)Other Structure-based TechniquesCondition Testing
Multiple Condition Testing
All Path Testing (Strongest)
 Choosing Test techniquesRisk & Objectives
Type of System & Dev Cycle
Regulatory Standards
Time & Budget
Knowledge & Experience



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