Software Testing – Why is Testing Necessary [Part 1]

Software Testing – Why is Testing Necessary [Part 1]

The question is, why software testing or any kind of testing is necessary?

Systems for life save support can cause more damage than actually help. If a patient need an ICU (Intensive Care Unit), behind it there is a system and a procedure to help save lives. 

A nuclear power plant is a thermal power station in which the heat source is a nuclear reactor. There are safety rules to be followed, failure modes and vulnerability, as well as the environment that must need to be thoroughly and tested. A failure or accident could potentially cause great damage to people and the environment.

 Financial institutions need to make sure the numbers are correct and there are no loopholes or the damage financially can be huge.

As per why is testing necessary above are just some of the examples you can see the reason behind the necessity and importance of software testing.

It can be life threatening, environmental consequences, lost of money.

It simple that, and more late business leave to test, more costly and risk it is, so as well as testing is necessary, as earlier tests starts better it is.

There are so much more when it comes to the necessity of software testing and for that reason I wanted to complement this post, also after very useful comments from viewers and followers of this blog. This is the reason that keep me so excite and carry on. Thank you.

I have publish a part 2 of this subject, talking about in more depth, but still far from being complete and cover all, as we all know how complex and endless software testing can be. So check it out here Why Software Testing is Necessary – Part 2.


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