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Software Testing Interview Questions

Software Testing Interview Questions

Are you preparing to go for a job interview? More specifically for Software Testing job interview and want to know what to expect in terms of most frequently asked questions.

Here are a list of some of the questions that are more than likely to appear on your next job interview. Use it to practice and show some confidence when the real deal is on. Enjoy it.

#1 – What is testing to you?
#2 – Why did you choose software testing as a career? What motivates you to continue?
#3 – Tell me about the most recently project you have been involved. What’s the most interesting bug that you’ve found, and why?
#4 – Can you tell me about some specific software testing challenges you’ve faced, and how you overcame them?
#5 – Have you encountered any challenges working with other member of the team? Tell me about a specific instance when you were in a difficult situation, and how you dealt with it.

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#6 -What have you been criticized for in the past? How did you respond to that criticism? What did you do about it?
#7 – How have you added value to the client you’ve worked with? Can you give me a specific example from your last or current position?
#8 – How do you stay at the top of your game? What self-learning do you do?
#9 – What kind of tests have you been doing? What do you enjoy about them? How do you develop those tests?
#10 –  When you perform a test, what steps do you take? Where do you start?

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#11 –  Have you ever written a test plan? What would you put in one?
#12 – How do you prioritise your testing? What factors might influence your decisions?
#13 – How do you know when it’s time to stop testing?
#14 – What’s the role of risk in your testing? How do you analyse and measure it?
#15 – Do you measure how effective (or not) your testing is? What metrics do you use?


#16 – If I left you testing for two hours, what would you have to show me when I returned?
#17 –  Have you automated any of your tests? How so?
#18 – What’s your favourite testing tool? Why? If some technical constraint meant you were unable to use it, what would you do instead?
#19 – How do you know when you (or your automation) has found a bug? What makes it a bug? Are some bugs more important than others? How do you report them?
#20 – What do you do if the developers decide the bug is not a bug?

#21 – How do you decide which tests to automate? Which tests don’t you automate, and why?
#22 –  Testing can be challenging. What keeps you motivated?
#23 – What methodology are you using for testing currently? Can you describe how you might improve it?
#24 –  How about situations where you have to make decisions… Have you ever made a decision under pressure? What contributed to you making that decision? How did you deal with the consequences?

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