Software Testing – Defect Tracking Tool

Software Testing – Defect Tracking Tool

Finding the appropriate defect tracking tool is not an easy task. My suggestion is to have a go as much as you can, either via a freeware or a trial basis. The important is to find the defect tracking tool that will help in your project needs.

There are several defect tracking tools out there, some are free and some has a trial for you to have a go.

The right one very much depend on the scale of project you are involved in.

It depends on if you are automating, manual, if Project Manager and Business Analyst are involved as well as other member of the team on daily basics, other Test Analyst, Lead Testers and Developers, or maybe none of them will ever see it. It depends how high governance is the project, how the process is run, think about if is an Agile type of project (Scrum, kanban or Waterfall).

After doing this analysis and have a run on some of the tools bellow, I believe you will be ready to pick the right defect tracking tool for you and your team.

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  2. Carl

    Hi Roger,

    I purchased your software testing book and found that the links to the sample test plans and content are no longer working.

    Can you please help me with the corect links?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Carl, I do apologise for this issue. Recently my blog has been hacked and I am in process of reviewing all the contents, including the links to the ebook.

      I have your email here, I’ll send a copy of them all to you for now.

    • I’ve sent you an email with the zip file attached. If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate to ask. 😉

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