You have a blog and want to make the most of the of it in terms of being agile on how to run it so you can spend more time focus on the content and paying attention to your audience.

Still you want to be able to have all integrated, running smoothly, with all the social media links, auto-sharing, offer contents to download, have a lead capture and many more.

You want to be able to have consistency with the content shared, the relevance of how this is all is putted together.

Here are some of the suggested plugins and add-on, in my opinion is going to help you take your blog experience to the next level.

  • Graphics Creator logo - six figure mentors - @roger_uk #rogeriodasilva - Copy | Create Graphics Without Photoshop 
  • simple lead capture logo - six figure mentors - @roger_uk #rogeriodasilva - Copy | Start Creating Pages that Convert
  • my-lead-bar---six-figure-mentors---@roger_uk-#rogeriodasilva - Copy | List Building & Social Media Linking
  • tidy url logo - six figure mentors - @roger_uk #rogeriodasilva - Copy | WordPress Link Management Plugin!

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