The Testers Book (Revised Edition) “An Unconventional Way to Software Testing” (Paperback)

The Testers Book (Revised Edition) An Unconventional Way to Software Testing 

“The principal objective of software testing is to give confidence in the software.” – Anonymous

A breakthrough overview of Software Testing, master the basics so you can learn it all…

What’s “The Testers Book”?

Are you struggling with your tests?

Do you sometimes doubt that what you are doing is even right?

Let Rogerio take you on his journey to become a successful software testing professional. Rogerio is sharing his experiences while, briefly, introducing the basics of software testing.

What has worked for Rogerio so far is the constant pursuit to offer the best value of his time given to the clients he’s working with.

Using some unconventional ways combined with the software testing fundamentals, Rogerio is beginning to share his experiences back from the beginning of this path, working as a permanent worker to then becoming a freelancer-contractor-consultant journey.

Rogerio hopes to make you curious enough to take this book and come to find out more. Share this with that friend whom you think will benefit from this book as well.


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