Polish PESEL Generator

Polish PESEL Generator

A generator of Polish social security numbers, known as PESEL in Poland.

Ideal if you are carrying out tests in software applications and need to use dummy PESEL to be able to complete the validation of a web form for example.

Select male or female, type in DOB or age range and hit submit. Then copy and paste the PESEL to use in your tests and development related to Poland public.

How do I use it?

[table width =”100%” style =”table-striped table-bordered table-hover” responsive =”true”]

[row_column]Select Male or Female[/row_column]
[row_column]Type in DOB or Age[/row_column]
[row_column]Hit Submit and number will be generated[/row_column]

If you are looking for ID generator instead.

Drop me a comment.

Borrowed from - www.bogus.ovh.org

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