Objectives Of Testing – ISTQB

Avoid and rectify errors.
Ensure that key functional and non-functional requirements are examined.
Testing is not about removing defects, but about notifying developers about them.
Testing is also about reducing risk in releasing.

Testing can give confidence in the quality of the software if it finds few or no defects.
Tests can and must be measured.

Typical measurements are:

  • Number of defects found
  • Number of failures in a given time period (reliability)
  • Usability rating
  • Maintainability

Rogerio da Silva

Rogerio da Silva is a Brazilian who lives in the UK for a little over two decades. He is the owner of a test consulting and outsources services for software development. He likes to blog, write and create content that teaches others how to live a better life. Rogerio has two princesses and one powerful wife that help him with his work. He loves reading biographies of successful authors and dream builders because they inspire him to keep creating!

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