MAC Virus Scam Alert

MAC Virus Scam Alert

Sharing my experience with a risk of a virus in MAC machines.

It’s a pop up in certain websites that come up with this page that initially seems to be a legit Apple website but after basic investigation, all the links leads to strange websites that are not related to Apple at all.

I know most of you guys who read my blog are tech savvy but in case you are fully immersed with work and for a second think this is a proper website, be careful and share with your friends who always fall for those type of website before they call you to help them fix the virus they allowed to be installed on their machines.

I got this when visiting a post on Pinterest. You get this pop-up opens a new page.

apple care virus trick - scam - #rogeriodasilvadotcom @roger_uk

All those links above, I have tested them and they lead to random pages that have no relation to Apple. Not going to share them here as I don’t fill like promoting them.

apple care virus trick - scam - #rogeriodasilvadotcom @roger_uk


Even if you don’t want to install, it may trigger the download of the file, and you will get this. Obviously, DO NOT install. Unless you want to open up to the world.

apple care virus trick - scam - #rogeriodasilvadotcom @roger_uk


That’s it. All the best and happy-anti-virus-free-day!

Share it with your MAC friends.

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