Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Not Working

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Not Working

You are using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and the renew process has not happened as expected. You get the warning message from the browser saying your website/blog is not safe. Here’s how you can do to renew the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate so your website has the https.

What was the issue I have encountered?

The verification for the automatic renewal had failed, which is the reason for the SSL to expire.

What have I done to fix it?

I have forced the renewal and now the SSL is active.

How can you do it too?

You can force the installation of the free Let’s Encrypt certificate.


[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]Those instructions are based on TSOHost, who is my blogs host provider. Their customer services are really good. But the principle can be applied to any other host who provides Let’s Encrypt services too. I presume.[/notification]


1. Go to your server File Manager (is where you can see the files and folders of your website)


2. Rename ‘public_html’ to something different, e.g. ‘public_html_off’


3. Create new folder called ‘public_html’


4. Go to Let’s Encrypt and run a check on the Domains. if everything shows as OK, proceed with Requesting the new certificate


5. Go back to File manager and remove the ‘public_html’ folder that was created a few minutes ago


6. Rename ‘public_html_off’ back to ‘public_html’
Now you should have a valid certificate for your website.


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