Learn Programming Language and Get Cash-back

Learn Programming Language and Get Cash-back
I am a Software Tester consultant, even though I do not have to code and program a piece of a software solution, having the programming language skill, in whichever level does certainly make me more desirable and marketable.
If you are a software tester wanting to take your career to the next level or you are thinking to get into software development here a simple idea that has worked and continuously worked well for me.
I’m very much into leverage life and get the best and specific route to what I want and I try to take all the side noises away from what I intend to get and from past experience having to get college or university course to be able to work with software has not offered me the best cost x benefit in short and long term.
Nowadays I prefer to go to something specifically and get the experience from someone who knows what they are saying and can show me what I have to do to get something up and running without all the jargon and the extra information that will only benefit the theories rather than the practical objective so I get the most of it in less time.
I guess you may be thinking that I’m talking about quick schemes and overnight result and this is not the case here, what I’m saying is that I find that I got so much more out of getting a short course on the specific subject than a long-term course on 6 months or 36 months courses that I had in the past.
That’s when I believe Udemy has the best out there in terms of getting something valuable with very little investment.
There are courses on Python, Java, C#, React, C++, Spring Framework, Node.js, Object-Oriented Programming, TensorFlow, Data Analysis, C and Deep Learning.
programming language courses in Udemy
You can filter by feedback that other students have given in the past plus the platform encourages instructors to share some of the content for free, that way you can preview how the course is held plus if you are going to like to hear the person speaking. This is important so you are not surprised by something that you may find boring at a later point.
Udemy offers the money back if you are not happy with the course, which I think is amazing.
Check those courses out and see what you think, read some of the information given in the summary of each individual course that you may be interested in and watch some of the previews.
Prices are really good for what you are getting. It does not expire, you can watch forever.
Plus, if you sign up for TopCashback you get more cash back for the course you purchase there when you open the link.
First go to TopCashback website, register and then go to the Udemy page, it should  pop up on screen that you can get cashback, when redirected it register the purchase and in a few weeks, as well as already getting a good price for the course, you will a percentage of the course in cashback.
Is a double win situation.
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