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Ref.: 214503782 | 2021-08-24 15:05:53

Head Of DevOps – Remote

Town: London | County: London | Country: United Kingdom

Description: Head Of DevOps – Remote

What We're Looking For

We are looking for someone who will lead a team of DevOps Engineers who are passionate about providing unparalleled levels of service and convenience for customers.

Who we are

You'll be joining the Cloud Ops team. A team that oversees all the cloud infrastructure at the company.

The client is composed of several open-source projects and relies on a unique IP that boosts data analytics and enables full scalability and decoupling compute from storage.

They have Terraform as part of the application, dynamically provisioning AWS accounts, network infrastructure and workloads in reaction to clients activity.

The infrastructure is managed as code with Terraform/Kops/Helm and services are monitored using Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana and Loki. CI/CD is handled by a combination of CircleCI and ArgoCD in GitOps fashion to test and deploy code to production.

We're pushing to run everything on Kubernetes, stateless and stateful workload. We love CRDs and operators, and we also develop our own.

Our SQL core teams work with C++. Our backend teams work with Go, Python, Rust in order to create gRPC microservices exposing REST APIs and GraphQL interface. We are using CockroachDB, FoundationDB, Temporal and Kafka as application infrastructure. Our frontend teams work with TypeScript, React, Redux + Apollo.

What You'll Do

Own product delivery, automation testing, and releases in order to improve reliability and to provide faster deployment cycles.
Manage a team of DevOps Engineers while remaining very hands-on with the development process.
Work as an integrated part of the software engineering organization, understanding the application architecture.
Orchestrate the provisioning, load balancing, dynamic configuration, monitoring, and spend optimization of servers across cloud providers, data centres, and availability zones.
Manage development of internal engineering productivity tools and be responsible for development and operation of continuous integration and deployment pipeline.


Must Have

Experience managing a cloud-based, enterprise platform running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Experience as a DevOps Engineer with hands-on experience with automating all stages of the software development lifecycle.
Experience managing a team of engineers in a fast-paced agile environment.
Experience tackling scalability challenges across multiple products.
Experience setting up and tuning monitoring to efficiently detect and predict issues, using tools such as DataDog, AppDynamics, Kibana, and Elasticsearch.
Experience leveraging technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Consul, and Docker.
Experience with developing CI/CD pipelines.
Scripting experience using Bash, PowerShell, Ruby, or Python.
Understanding of networks, including subnets, VPN, firewalls, and load balancing.

Nice to Have

Experience managing databases.
Experience managing Data Warehouses solutions in a high-volume data environment

Salary Type: Annum

Salary: £70000 – £140000/annum

Permanent | Full Time


Category: IT

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