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Entry Level Software Engineer

Town: | County: West Midlands (County) | Country: United Kingdom

Description: Job Level: Junior or Entry Level or Mid Level

Company Background:The App Experts, Ltd. is a London-based mobile app development agency, specialising in , and cross-platform solutions. With over 40,000 mobile development hours accumulated and clients across Europe, it’s safe to say we know apps well! Each of our practice areas leverages specialised expertise, methodologies, and to ensure that we deliver the most beneficial solutions to our clients.

Our company is looking for a dedicated Junior (Mobile App , or ) to join the team to help develop and maintain high quality mobile applications. This a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about mobile platforms and translating code into user-friendly apps.

The App Experts, Ltd. is committed to professional development while focusing on career progression, and the successful individual will be designing and building the next generation of our client’s mobile applications in a supportive, team-oriented environment.


* Support the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support)

* Understand clients’ application requirements

* Write high quality source code to program complete applications within deadlines

* Gather specific requirements and suggest solutions

* Design interfaces to improve user experience

* Perform unit and integration testing before launch

* Troubleshoot, find bugs and offer appropriate solutions

* Stay up to date with the latest technology trends


* Bachelor’s Degree in computer or relevant field; such as information technology, information system, engineering, analytics, mathematics

* An in-depth knowledge of at least one

* Must have experience in either of the following: Software Engineer, Software Programmer , Application Developer, Application Engineer, Software Developer, Mobile Developer, IOS Developer, Android Developer, Mobile Engineer but fresh graduate or no experience are welcom to apply as long as you know how to program/code.

* Knows how to code in either/any of the following language: java , c# , c++ , obective c, swift , kotlin, python

* Excellent analytical skills with a good problem-solving attitude

* An understanding of programming principles

* Ability to perform in a team environment

* Experience of working in an Agile environment is desired

Salary Type: Annum

Salary: £30000 – £35000/annum

Permanent, Contract | Full Time


Category: IT

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