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Director of Product Management – Data, Insight and Architecture

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Description: The Director of Product Management – Data, Insight and Architecture is responsible for product management of Zellis’ data ana analytics products as well as strategic integrations and connectors with third parties. These are fundamental components of our market-leading Zellis HCM Cloud offering complementing our best-of-breed ResourceLink payroll product.

Data and analytics give our customers insight into what is usually their biggest cost item: their people. With our support, they can leverage the data stored in Zellis HCM Cloud to gain insight and take better decisions improving their efficiency and improving the working lives of their colleagues. With integrations and connectors to third-party partners and other solutions, we can expand that data adding more insight and helping our customers to automate more of their workflows.

Product management is often described as the intersection of customer needs, technology and business. At Zellis, the Director of Product Management leads their team of product managers across the product lifecycle to ensure these three areas are joined up to deliver exceptional product to customers that meets their needs and in pursuit of our business goals. In particular, they lead their team to:

* Drive product strategy including product discovery and analysis and recommending the long-term roadmap for the product.

* Innovate and ensure that Zellis is at the forefront of the HR data and insight market.

* Collaborate with product engineering scrum teams to develop our product successfully.

* Support product GTM ensuring that the best of Zellis is mobilised to get products to market and evangelising in the market for them.

In achieving the above, the Director of Product Management leads their team, works collaboratively across the business and effectively with senior stakeholders and above all works with a passion for delivering exceptional products to customers as measured by NPS.

Key Responsibilities:

Leadership – Above all, the Director of Product Management is a position of leadership and owns all activities of their team of payroll product managers ensuring that they are efficiently and effectively executed and being a role model for the team and a champion of a growth mindset.

Product strategy: Own the payroll product vision, strategy and strategic roadmap, working you’re your team and multiple stakeholders to recommend a MSCW backlog prioritisation of well-scoped epics to Zellis leadership drawing on:

* A deep familiarity with customer needs, especially around data, analytics and connectors, and needs to bring the voice of different customer personas within Zellis.

* Data such as NPS and usage to bear to inform customer needs.

* Market context and Zellis’ positioning vs. competitors.

* Clarity on prioritisation and trade-offs that need to be made justified with solid data arguments.

* Collaboration with other functions for input and, in particular, with engineering on scope feasibility.

Product development: Ensure your team act as effective product owners within the relevant scrum development teams, inputting the customer voice and the intent of the epic to the development team, refining the epics and prioritisation as appropriate and approving that acceptance criteria are met.

Product go-to-market: Ensure your team work with the delivery manager and other Zellis functions (especially sales, marketing, legal, ZCS, training, comms, Mgd Svcs, HR) in line with the Zellis repeatable release model to ensure successful product release and adoption to initial customers and the market – including writing value propositions, FAQs and other key content.

Product in-life: Support sales to strategic customers. Monitor product performance including NPS and usage identifying opportunities for improvement to feed into the product backlog.

Product end-of-life: Systematically review your product portfolio for products or features to sunset and develop and execute a sunsetting plan as appropriate.

About you:

* At least 7 years of experience working in a software product organisation.

* Deep experience of developing and innovating with data and analytics, ideally (though not necessarily) with HR data, to bring this expertise to Zellis to help us take our solutions to the next level.

* A passion for solving customer needs with technology.

* Smart and restlessly curious to learn new products, technology and business processes (with a solid understanding of these and the commercials of a software organisation).

* A creative force yourself, but equally, facilitate a creative dialog and stimulate others to be creative drivers as well to identify new solutions to customers’ needs.

* Persistent in bringing strong evidence, with clear communication and influence to mobilise Zellis to deliver great solutions to customer needs.

* Bring a growth mindset to the team challenging team members to move to best practice and being open to learning from others.

* Effective at communicating new ideas, designs & achievements in Engineering and Product meetings influencing others where appropriate and driving to agreement.

* Good public speaking and presentation skills, in smaller groups, larger groups and stage presentations.

* Structured and analytical in your approach to work.

* Able to pivot from 30,000ft product strategy with Zellis execs and the board to 1,000ft product detail with a development team.

* Results driven with a passion to succeed.

About Us:

With over 50 years’ experience and almost 2,000 employees we serve over 5 million of our customers’ employees and process in excess of 60 million payslips a year.

As a business we offer real-time recruitment, onboarding, talent and performance management services to over 600 customers via our powerful and integrated ResourceLink software.

We’re trusted by leading businesses throughout the UK and Ireland to help them with their most important resource – their people. We master what we do with a third of the FTSE 100, two thirds of the top 10 retailers and a third of all UK councils as our customers

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