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Assistant Director of Programmes

Town: London | County: London | Country: United Kingdom

Description: Assistant Director of Programmes
The role
The post holder will:
* Assume the Assistant Director of Programme role for the Wellness and Prevention programme and support the SRO in defining this programme.
* Ensure there is communication of the strategy and vision for the programme; policy and guidelines are in place; there is an ongoing roadmap and there is appropriate stakeholder engagement (identifying and mapping stakeholders)
* Provide practical support to enable a clear, universal understanding of the status of the programme including scope, outcomes and deliverables, finances, delivery and implementation plans, milestones and dependencies.
* Lead a cross-functional team to define and deliver a digital wellness and prevention programme to give people the tools and information to keep themselves healthy. This will be a person-facing digital wellness offer with a set of web-based and app-based tools that will be accessed through our current suite of patient facing services.
* The ambition for the wellness and prevention programme is to improve the health outcomes of the nation by providing a personalised experience that: brings together health and wellness services, understands a person’s unique situation and offers actions to them based on what we know about them.
By helping people to look after themselves in this way, the aim is to improve the overall health and wellness of the nation resulting in better health outcomes, cost savings and a reduced burden on the front line.
* Work closely with the team within to understand dependencies and the transition to a live service model that includes a change capability.
* Ensure that the programme has appropriate business case cover and approvals.
* Work closely with the team to ensure that governance and process is clearly understood and followed.
* Work closely with the CTO team to ensure that all proposed solutions are fit for purpose, strategically aligned and approved.
* Collaborate with programmes and teams across to ensure effective alignment and develop a sustainable and deliverable programme plans.
* Ensure that information required about the programme is available for reporting as required in a timely fashion.
* This role is about harnessing industry innovations for consumer services [connecting lifestyle and wellbeing data with your health records, utilising personalisation techniques to improve the customer experience i.e. the creation of a logged in experience across our digital channels, delivering the latest technical capabilities including transactional data layer etc.
* It is about driving forward change across our organsiation – pulling together different parts of the business that may not and often do not see eye to eye i.e. digital health checks, our future health, PHE, DHSC etc…
* Blending our channel strat with our product strat to deliver a cohesive experience to the user.
Knowledge and Experience
* Experience of leading a programme through Initiation and Definition and into Delivery.
* Proven and significant leadership experience and/or formal management qualification
* Experience of leading a cross-functional programme team with appropriate levels of responsibility and accountability
* Proven stakeholder engagement and management experience with experience of leading national strategy/policy development
* Ability to successfully lead a programme within a partnership environment.
* Highly developed communication skills with the ability to communicate on highly complex matters and difficult situations.
* Ability to provide and receive, convey and present highly complex, sensitive and/or contentious information to large groups, responding openly to questions to ensure full understanding and engagement.
* Ability to analyse numerical and written data, assess verbal, written, numerical and draw appropriate conclusions.
* Demonstrates sound judgement in the absence of clear guidelines or precedent, seeking advice as necessary from more senior management when appropriate.
* Demonstrable leadership, vision, strategic thinking and planning
* Demonstrable Political acumen
Desirable requirements
* Member of relevant professional body
* Ability to develop, maintain and monitor information systems to support innovation initiatives

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Permanent | Full Time


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