ISTQB Foundation Level Exam – The Exam Tips

ISTQB Foundation Level Exam – The Exam Tips


Welcome to the ISTQB® preparation and pass on foundation level exam! During the lecturers, you will have the opportunity to learn the key elements that will help you pass the ISTQB® exam foundation level and secure the job or the promotion you’ve wanted.

If you have read or had junior level experience in software testing this course will help you focus on the questions and answers so you can pass the exam.

Full syllabus details can be downloaded from ISTQB® website. I’ll suggest some other reads at the end of the lecturers.

The Exam Tips

At the exam centre of your choice, make sure you take with you a suitable photographic identification, this is a must to be able to take the exam. Verification will be carried out there and then. Failure to comply with this means the examination board will withhold the candidate’s result until satisfactory evidence has been provided and authenticated.

A representative from the ISTQB®, if you are in UK BCS® or the exam centre will conduct the exam if is in paper, some centres still provide it like that, and if is computer-based, you will be conducted to the desk where you will be logged in specifically to your exam, there’s maybe cameras to observe you, in case you are tempted to cheat. A brief introduction to how the exam works and off you go.

The examination is a one-hour, closed book multiple choice exam, with 40 questions, and 4 options per question. You need 26/40 to pass (65%). In the UK, it is administered by BCS® to the ISTQB® syllabus.

If your prime language is not English, you may have an extra 15 minutes. If you have a condition or disability that requires extra time, then prior approval of the BCS® is required. For information on eligibility criteria please visit BCS® and ISTQB® website.

To help you prepare for the exam, at the end of each section, there’s a quiz related to the section, so you don’t have to wait until the end to do just the quiz and the simulation paper for the actual exam.

At the end of all the sections, there’s a practical exam and two sample papers so you can practice with question and answers based on what is likely to have in the exam based on the ISTQB syllabus.

Booking The Exam

You can search for an exam provider near you in the ISTQB® website or Pearson VUE

  • ISTQB® –
  • Pearson VUE –

You can book an exam in the UK via BCS® or UKTB®

  • BCS® –
  • UKTB® –


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