How To Become A LinkedIn Ninja

How To Become A LinkedIn Ninja

I am a Test Analyst (Consultant) and Entrepreneur. I enjoy to blog about this topics and I have a blog of my own. After all these years I found that 70% of my visitors are originating from LinkedIn and I like that fact.

If you are a salesperson, business development professional, marketer or business person and responsible for networking, prospecting, selling and marketing for your business, this is for you.

I have been using LinkedIn for several years now and each day I find it much more addictive as it has proven that helps me with people visiting my blog and I’m confident that any professional who is actively on LinkedIn will, in whichever background you are.

In order to be successfully active using LinkedIn and get the results you need, you got to get yourself into the habit of continuously being active, otherwise, you will only be another person on this millions and millions of active users on this very lucrative professional social network.

If you are new to LinkedIn, or have an account but have not done much, I strongly suggest to review your profile and make sure to match with your CV. I’ve seen recruiters and managers looking up specifically on the contradictions comparing the online profile with CV. Take care of facts, dates and names.

Tips on How to Optimize your LinkedIn and its Visibility

Then proceed to what I believe is the key elements to having your profile in a good shape. Follow these simple 3 weeks plan and get it done as soon as you can. Those are higher level steps if you want to get the maximum result and a one to one training Powerful Social Sales With LinkedIn by Howard Yermish is a fantastic program for serious professionals and business people who want to leverage this incredible network.

Three First Preparation Weekly

Week 1

Connect with People – Inner Circle
Personal Messages – Ask for Suggestions & Advice
Skill – Endorsements
Skill – Browse the News Feed

Week 2

Connect with People – Expand Your Inner Circle
Skill – Prune Connections
Responding to Connection Requests
Find Groups, Join Groups, Lurk in Groups

Week 3

Connect with People – Explore Someone’s Connections
Skill – Advanced Search Tools
Skill – Ask for Introductions
Follow Company Pages

After you’ve done the three weeks challenge, now is time to relax and let it do it itself. Wrong!

You need to do at least a basic maintenance and keep doing it until it becomes a habit. Some say a habit can take an average of 66 days. Estimate that it will take around 9 weeks for your to at least try this process.

I’m confident that it will positively reflex on your profile attracting more prosperous same mind like people which you can then network, sell yourself, a product, a brand or a job you are looking for within your expertise. For whichever reason, this will help you be much more popular.

So, set yourself the target and carry on doing this on an ongoing basis. Notice that I have not included Saturday and Sunday, so take this time to reflect and relax, but Monday to Friday should be all about promoting yourself in LinkedIn. Set a Google alert so you can get reminders for each day and its tasks.

Ongoing Weekly Cycle


Browse the News Feed
Daily Personal Messages
New Connections


Endorsements & Prune Connections


Write Recommendations


Participate in Groups
Publish Recommendations and Send Thanks


Ask for Recommendations
Share Your Content


Prospect Search

How To Measure The Effort

How you measure depends on what you want to achieve. LinkedIn offers basic visitors reports, how many people has viewed your profile, your articles, your shares and you will see how many people will get in touch with you. That’s a way of measuring.
Take time to look in each one of them and see how it has reflected in a determined action you have previously taken, so you can replicate and do it again, and if something has not helped you with the figures, just let it go, focus on the ones that are bringing you results.

Overview of Currently Scoring
Daily Tracking
Weekly Scoring

So you can get a much more depth on this topic above and a powerful result with a tutor in a one to one basis and want to invest in yourself and go beyond the competitors within your LinkedIn network I strongly suggest to take a training on Powerful Social Sales With LinkedIn by Howard Yermish. The training is revolutionary and recommended to any professional of any background who want to leverage what LinkedIn has to offer.

That if you want to learn instead of just get inspired. The course is not for everyone. Only the ones who want to succeed.

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