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From some time now I have been providing content solo here on my blog. Recently I have been asked if I do allow guest posting and I do actually and yes, why not?

I believe in the power of sharing and what a better way of sharing the same topics and ideas related within the same group with similar interest.

If you are interested in a guest post here, read out this basic guideline bellow and I’ll be more than happy to share your content here.

Why Should We Guest Post?

Well, if you got here you may already know the valuable practice for bloggers and companies when it comes to guest posting. Giving is receiving.

The main thing for me is:

  1. Networking
  2. Get ideas spread throughout the community
  3. Reach opportunities naturally
  4. Traffic
  5. Contact list

Topics We Cover

People may think I will publish anything here, but I would like to narrow down into more specific topics related to Software development, more specifically to Software Testing, but can also talk about Agile methodologies, BA (Business Analyst), PM (Project Management), Development.

Also, I’m preparing a material related to personal development and topics on how to work for yourself, a bit of entrepreneurship, so if you would like to share something related to a contract, consultancy and freelance jobs as well, you are more than welcome.

But if you do feel you have something to offer that you think will benefit the audience, please feel free to forward it over too.

The Quality We Looking For

Well, most importantly above all, please share something that is not copied or purely a sales pitch. Share something that you consider that will help people, giving value to the reader, something that people will make use of.

Something that gives inspiration to the reader who will not only use the information but will also be more than happy to share it with its contacts.

How To Submit a Guest Post?

Hit Here To Submit Your Guest Post

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