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Gmail styles link as blue and underlined by default

#1155CC is the default colour for Gmail links. You can overwrite this colour using inline CSS. However, Gmail ignores #000, #000000, and “black” values.  For example:

This will render as red:

<a href=“” style=“color:#C00”>test</a> 

This will be rendered as the default (#1155CC) colour:

<a href=“” style=“color:#000000”>test</a> 

To fix this use a different hex value that is close to black:

<a href=“” style=“color:#040400”>test</a> 


Links in Gmail are also underlined by default. You can overwrite this style using inline CSS.

For example:
This will render with an underline:

<a href=“”>test</a> 

This will render without an underline:

<a href=“” style="text-decoration:none">test</a> 

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