Communication Barriers And How To Deal With That

Communication Barriers And How To Deal With That

Communication Barriers And How To Deal With That – What do You mean by That?

Another major impact is the interpretation of that particular information

The language barrier

The cultural clash

The behaviour being a spontaneous enthusiastic as I am

or an introvert as many others I learned to know

In my past and constant learning experience

You see,

I have worked with many great people

from different backgrounds,

euthenics, beliefs, different languages

and different fields of expertise,

and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this

is to be openly spoken with the ideas,

opinions and criticism,

but also being a listener (introverted) when times needed.

So, what can we do about it?

I’ de say, to constantly improve the output

of anything that we are working on.


Ask questions,

in any situation

When hearing something, a comment,

A piece of information

Don’t just act as if you know and be quiet

Or pretend you understood everything

The other person has just said

Expand that knowledge, for yourself,

for the sender of the information to expand that info

To the others in a group, you may be in a meeting

Ask this simple question:

“What do you mean by that?”

I love this question,

Because even if there’s sufficient information

In the words just put by the communicator

There’s a chance that someone in the meeting

For example, that have not fully understood

As the communicator holds the knowledge

Or you who think that understand it clearly

It is also good, for yourself to reaffirm what you think

You understood from the first time you heard of.

I believe this, what I’ve just said can be widely applied

Across many fields of expertise, and even in everyday life

It can improve not only software development projects

The field that I am in, but also

In relationships, friendships, dealership, negotiation

Businesses and many others

In software development, where most of my expertise is

We use task management tools, but you can use notes, pen an paper

If you want to keep it very simple.

We normally use tools like

Trello, Jira and ADO (Azure DevOps)

You can create a backlog of items as epics,

features, user stories, tasks, tests and link them all,

piece them together for traceability and traceability

to see progress reports and completeness of

the overall goals and its milestones.

Most importantly, in my opinion,

with the support pages, like Wiki, within the tool,

is to serve as a single source of information across the team,

stakeholders and organisation

To be then used while developing, for knowledge bank

when a reference is needed for a particularly tricky

the situation encountered in the past and finding out

how you or another member of the team have

come about to solve the problem.

But also, as for the organisation level,

have a reference to be used for new starters,

New members, future enhancements, upgrades,

may need to refer back to past development,

and having it in all in a single place where the

communication has been captured is priceless.

I’m always in favour of such tools instead of

shared drives and emails as it can get lost in endless trails,

can get miscommunication and spend a long time

trying to figure out what a particular piece

of information was trying to conceive.

If you don’t have access to such a tool,

use a spreadsheet, as last resort,

but use in such way that you have it divided into comprehensive tabs,

columns, shapes and colours to make it more visually appealing,

then circulate as appropriate.

I have a couple of templates that I carry with me as back up

whenever I move on to a new client with a new contract,

and I constantly improve as I move on and use whenever

there is a limitation on use task management tools.

Thank you.

Bye for now.


  • Rogerio da Silva

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