Chrome Extensions For Automation Software Testing

Chrome Extensions For Automation Software Testing

After the success in the last post in which I shared with you last week Chrome Extensions For Automation Software Testing then I though to carry on sharing some more Chrome extensions that just make any testers life so much easier.

This time around I’m sharing a couple of extensions that can help you with the automation software testing.

Check this list out.


I would like to add more to this list, so if you know any other good extension that worth mention, please do tell me by dropping me a comment.

#1 Web Developer Tools – Web Developer

Ideal to populate forms, control browser cache, manage cookies, inspect and highlight we-elements, title attributes, anchor information and much more.

Web Developer Chrome Extension


#2 HTML and DOM Elements – Firebug Lite

It’s not a substitute to Web Developer, in fact, it works great with it. It provides a rich representation to highlight HTML elements, DOM elements and box model shading. It can help with live edit CSS properties too.

Firebug for Chrome


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