Bug Reporting Chrome Extension

Bug Reporting Chrome Extension

Looking for a simple bug report so it can help software testers on an every-day job which covers taking screenshots, make annotations and free. Something that you can simply store the information on the web for web applications, mobile and developers in just a few clicks and without leaving the page.

#1 Instant Bug Report – Lean Testing

The Lean Testing Chrome extension is the easiest way take screenshots and report bugs in Lean Testing, a FREE hosted bug tracking app for the web, mobile and software developers.

Instant Bug Report - Lean Testing


#2 Add Bugs/Issues To a Trello Board – Bug 2 Trello

Bugs 2 Trello is a Chrome extension to add bugs/issues to a Trello board. It currently supports Launchpad, GitHub, SourceForge, Google Code, BitBucket, Debian’s BTS, and some Bugzilla instances.

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