Apply the TQM Approach and Principles to Enhance your Business’s Branding

Apply the TQM Approach and Principles to Enhance your Business’s Branding

An ordinary man once said, “ Quality is everyone’s responsibility, where you, me and all are involved.”

Certainly, when you give quality, in turn, you’ll get quality!

Whether you are into branding, manufacturing, servicing, advertising- anything you say, you need to deliver quality in whatever you serve which gets you loyal customers at the end.

Businesses, online or offline, small-scale or the big giants, cannot afford to take risks over compromising to deploy quality-centric products and services.

To get an edge over the competition, everybody now looks upon Quality Management Solutions which enables marketers and their personnel to overcome their productivity challenges.

The present era is demanding!

Whatever you build and offer needs to be useful and efficient that comes up to the expectations of the end users and makes them happy. This where Total Quality Management plays its role following a robust approach and implementing its powerful principles within and outside the four walls of your company.   

The Principles Total Quality Management Adheres To

Management Commitment

Apply the PDCA cycle.

  • Plan (drive, direct)
  • Do (deploy, support, and participate)
  • Check (review)
  • Act (recognize, communicate, revise)

The workflow is managed effectively via a transparent communication with the stakeholders, employees, partners, suppliers and all those involved following the PDCA concept.

Employee Empowerment

  • Training
  • Excellence team
  • Measurement and recognition
  • Suggestion scheme

Involving employees into the inside of your organization gives them a clear vision of the company goals.

Continuous Improvement

  • Systematic measurement
  • Regular monitoring
  • Cross-functional process management
  • Attain, maintain, improve standards

Improvements and iterations in your internal processes develop a high level of quality in your products and services.

Customer Focus

  • Partnership with Suppliers
  • Service relationship with internal customers
  • Customer-driven standards
  • Never compromise quality

Center your focus on the customers. Once they are delighted with your quality proof products and features, they will share their vote of trust with you.

Factual Decision Making

  • SPC (statistical process control)
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Statistical tools
  • Team-oriented problem solving (TOPS) methodology

The real-time data generated via quality management software gives clear insights to make better business decisions.

Practical Approach a TQM Holds

When applying total quality management, remember one thing that it is not only a phenomenon but is a line of reasoning that must be incorporated within an enterprise and its culture.

Take a rundown at the efforts you need to put into practice for the successful roll-out of a TQM:

– Guide senior management about the total quality principles and take their consent and commitment for its implementation.

– Examine your ongoing business culture, quality systems and the level of customer satisfaction.

– Determine the desired core values and focal points and thus, communicate the same within your organization.

– Create a TQM plan as per the different areas and departments using its basic principles.

– Identify and target the customer requirements and the niche market and align your products/services accordingly to meet the rising demands.

– Determine those significant processes that can make a substantial contribution towards your deliverables.

– Integrate the required changes in daily procedures for continual improvement and growth.

– Stimulate employee involvement, conduct management training and aware one and all, leading to an entire process progression.

– Assess and evaluate your advancements periodically and adjust the alterations as per the needs.

“Customers are the real focus point where you need to connect with them globally. Building a strong business inside can only help you outreach the world outside.”

Marketing and branding of startups and the big businesses may be different, but the fundamental quality management approach is the same for all enterprises to fix your brand’s popularity in this digital era.

Building Brand Equity Through TQM Approach

An effective approach is to be proposed to balance the equation of your brand promotion via product and service quality. Quality management approach identifies the marketing strategies and makes sure that your efforts contribute efficiently to brand equity.

Total quality management practical methodologies understand the importance and adequacy of business operations dealing with your marketing campaigns and helps to derive the expected results.

The proposed ways of TQM like importance-efficiency matrix provides feasible solutions to make the right use of your resources to eliminate wastage and rework efforts, thereby enhancing productivity and maintaining your business’s reputation.

The word ‘Total’ in quality management actually covers almost corners of a company that contributes to delivering the best in the hands of the users. So a marketer can realize the valuable advantage of including TQM in their customer acquisition strategy promoting your brand name worldwide.


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