5 Tips to Avoid Working Silos

5 Tips to Avoid Working Silos

Team work is collaboration. We can be a specialist in our own rights but without cross team collaboration we are really only working on silos.

In my experience, having working as contractor, having the opportunity to see different projects backgrounds, what caught my attention is that working as a team in most cases, depending on the leadership, most information keep secret, isolated, within posses of one or two individuals, holding off the information when if could be useful for the team have a better clarity and understanding of the ultimate project goal, the bigger. picture.

I’m amazed by in this state time we are, sometimes we are still facing those silos and in places that we had more openness, the productivity were much more great than others.

I’ve been called a generalist, I’ve been called of other titles, stating that I should not cross other people works, but to me, if it benefits my work, without compromising my core working hours and goal, I don’t see the reason why not.

As Agile is a mature methodology and DevOps are gaining more and more traction, being a generalist and a collaborative person is an advantage.

In my experience, proven to work quite well, here are my 5 tips to avoid working on silos for yourself, for your team and cross teams.

#1. Create, Apply and Run a unified version of team collaboration.

#2. Make the most of the team(s) goal using a collaboration tool.

#3. Have a learning culture, experiment, don’t be afraid of get it wrong, re-asses, do a bit more work, try again and train together. Share the breakthroughs.

#4. Communication a is a key element in all of this. Get to know people, how they work, what they see, break down the awkwardness of talking to people who you’ll collaborate with.

#5. Do a constant compensation evaluation. If individuals are happy with what they are getting financially, work satisfaction and work-life balance will directly impact the motivational results of the project.

With that combination I trust it will breakdown silos providing a free-flow of information and I strong believe that information is freedom.

Apply the basic principles and in collaboration between Architects, Development, Quality Assurance, Operations & Support and Information Security the organisation wins everytime.

If you need assistance expanding those thoughts in a more practical way, get in touch, we can help empowering your existing team, providing 1 specialist consultancy services also offshore and hybrid outsource services.


  • Rogerio da Silva

    Rogerio da Silva is a Brazilian who lives in the UK for a little over two decades. He is the owner of a test consulting and outsources services for software development. He likes to blog, write and create content that teaches others how to live a better life.  He loves reading biographies of successful authors and dream builders because they inspire him to keep creating!
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