#5. Chapter 5 – Test Management – ISTQB Free SlideShow

#5. Chapter 5 – Test Management – ISTQB Free SlideShow

Are you looking for material to prep for the ISTQB exam?

Here’s the first part of the ISTQB training – Test Management free slideshow in the powerpoint format training material.

I got a slideshow I have used in my training (Udemy and Skillshare *2 free months) in the past, is a bit old but it will provide you with some basics in your pursue of the ISTQB training.

What you will learn in this second section (Check out all the sections here)

• Learn to identify risk and its levels and types of risks

• The role of test lead

• The tester tasks

• Learn what test approach means and how to use it

• The importance of a master test plan

• The standard for software testing documentation – IEEE829

• Test planning activities

• Determine the entry and exit criteria

• Test estimation

• Test control

Get the file here

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