4 Chrome extensions for software testing – Website Cookie Testing

4 Chrome extensions for software testing – Website Cookie Testing

Being able to manage browser cookies and cache is important to make sure the application behaves as expected and that you are getting the right data and code from the server. You can use these extensions for website cookie testing as they allow you add, remove, edit cookies and clear browser cache.

Google Chrome browser popularity among both development and testing community is common due to the popularity of the browser among Internet users around the world.

While testing, I use most of the extensions on this list as and when required and they are real life-savers.

If you use any particular Google Chrome extension for software testing which is missing on this list, do let me know in the comments section below and I will add it here.

#1. Edit This Cookie – If you are testing A/B versions of a web application or want to check if a particular feature is accessible to a defined segment of users, this is one chrome extension which will save you a lot of time. Edit This Cookie provides a sleek, well-organized interface which allows you to manage your browser cookies like a pro. It shows set cookies and their values – you can change any of the current set values or add, delete, search, protect, or block cookies. Using this extension saves you the hassle of going through the Chrome settings screen to search for cookies for a particular site.

EditThisCookie Chrome Extension

#2. Cookie Editor – Cookie Editor is another chrome extension which you can use to edit cookies during testing. Like it says on the tin, it allows you to edit cookies – you can add, delete, edit, protect, block and search cookies. It also enables you to export cookies in JSON format.

Cookie editor chrome extension

#3. Clear Cache – Find it a hassle to clear browser cache in chrome browser when you in the middle of testing? This chrome extension allows you to clear browser cache from the toolbar avoiding the longer route (Settings > Clear browsing data). You can customize it to control which data you want to clear – app cache, downloads, file systems, form data, browsing history, local storage, passwords etc.

Clear cache chrome extension

#4. Cache Killer – Cache Killer is a useful chrome plugin for software testers that allows you to easily disable caching in Chrome. Unlike Clear Cache, when enabled it clears browser cache before loading a page so that you always get the latest version of the code from the server. If you are testing caching feature for your application, you can disable this add-on with a single click.

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