2 Chrome Extensions For Software Testing – Automation

Google Chrome browser popularity among both the development and testing community is expected due to the popularity of the browser among Internet users around the world.

While testing, I use most of the extensions on this list as and when required, and they are actual life-savers.

If you use any particular Google Chrome extension for software testing missing on this list, do let me know in the comments section below, and I will add it here.

1. Web Developer

Web Developer Chrome Extension, the official port of Firefox add-on by the same name, provides a plethora of web developer tools in the form of a toolbar. It doesn’t allow all the features of its Firefox counterpart but still is one of the most useful Chrome extensions for testing. You can populate forms, control browser cache, manage cookies, inspect and highlight web elements, title attributes, anchor information etc., on any web page, saving a lot of time while testing.

Web Developer Chrome Extension

2.Firebug Lite DISCONTINUED 🙁

Firebug Lite is another chrome extension for software testing that doesn’t replace Chrome Developer Tools’ options but works great with it. It provides a rich visual representation of HTML elements, DOM elements, and Box Model shading. You can use it to inspect HTML elements at the click of a button which helps a great deal while automating your apps.

Firebug chrome extension

Do you know any other equivalent extension you think is worth being here?

Drope me a comment below.

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