£10 Promo Courses – Take it For Lifetime Period

£10 Promo Courses – Take it For Lifetime Period

Hi Guys, just a quick one. Do you want any course for £10 only? Hear Read This out.

I have not shared any post recently as I’m fully working on release more trainning material.

If you have not check out my videos about ISTQB exam, take a look here.

If you want to get the full trainning with the mock up exams and exam tips, I’m doing a discounted price for just £10 here.

Now if you are looking for any other course around technology and not ISTQB exam and want to benefit from the £10 special price, get it here.

Courses for £10 Only

Now, I don’t want to rush you but it is for limited time only and it runs from between 14/06 until 22/06, so go in, pick and choose the course that you want, and get it now, even if you are not planning or have the time to go through the course now, is just so you can benefit for this fantastic price.

Once you buy it then you can go back and do the course, for a lifetime period.

Thanks and I hope see you guys soon so I can tell you about the new trainning I have been preparing and release in first hand here so you guys can evaluate it for me.


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